Percent's Partnerships

Hi all, this is a venue for people to discuss how Percent could leverage different partnerships to grow our user base. Please feel free to propose any ideas you may have!

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I’ve got my eye on Shell Protocol. Similar to Curve, but with some extra flexibility and protection from the ‘one asset goes to zero drains the entire pool’ problem. They’re also at a pretty early stage with their first pool launched only recently. What’s interesting with them is they should be launching their first stablecoin derivative pool soon, an example of which would be a mix of Aave and Compound stablecoin deposits, ie. aUSDC, cUSDC etc. So I’m thinking it might be worth approaching them to try to arrange a pool that included Percent deposit tokens alongside the equivalent Aave/Compound/Cream tokens. It could generate some interest in Percent, plus some existing Percent depositors would have the opportunity to earn some LP fees with their deposit tokens.

@cryptolytica this is a great idea! Can @Vaspou @PercentFinance @Spartacus @cany @brisket @Bluecrypt et al. offer their thoughts on this?

On another note, can everyone take a lot at the #marketing channel on the Discord? Zuniswap came into our Discord and offered to work with us, so I think we should take advantage of that in some way.

IMO natural partners are other community led projects like build, swrv, metric etc… In fac,t I feel that all those projects have a lot to gain by creating a common ecosystem maybe we could be the ones to start the trend. For that, it is very important that we integrate uniswap oracles asap so that we are not dependant on the chainlink list.

I propose a partnership with

They are a stable-coin farm protocol, they have $6M TVL, and they have recently added an Aave pool (people deposit USDC, Stabilize deposits this to Aave to earn extra interest).

Provided we incentivize stablecoin deposits at 5-10% APY (plus the interest), we should be able to form a partnership where they deposit their stablecoins to us in the same fashion.

have you been able to link up with satoshivalue from YFValue?
Any others?