PCT rewards emission scheme

After the vote to add new stable coins (among other tokens) has been concluded, and another vote about the allocation the remaining PCT has ended, I suggest it is time to discuss the emission period, rate, and the tokens to benefit from these incentives.

There has been discussion about what tokens should benefit from these rewards, you can find it here.

I did a simulation of an emission period of 9 months, over 6 stable coins, and with a liquidity value oF 1M each, or 6M combined - this number does not consider liquidity in other assets.

This means a distribution rate per day = 1212 tokens - or 606 for suppliers and 606 for borrowers.

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@Bluecrypt thank you, great stuff as always! so if we start off with 6months distribution schedule, it should be 1851 tokens per markert per day instead of 1212 - a 15% bump up in APY.

After month 1 of this expedited schedule we will have spent 333k PCT, or $26k at $0.08 per PCT. Which is pretty moderate, yet not a neglectable amount. And obviously, we expect the token price to pick up steam, once the market is rolling.

Thank’s correct @Vaspou.

Attached an emission comparison 6vs9 months