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In some recent conversations with, I believe, a member of the Percent community, I learned about the project. I’m finding the project an exciting experiment with some promising ideas, and I would like to join the community, and I hope to help it.

My name is Igor Artamonov, also known as Splix. I’m a software engineer with ~20 years of experience. I’ve been working on various blockchain-related projects in the past few years, and I led the tech team working on the Ethereum Classic blockchain before.

More about me:

I’ve noticed that the Percent project discusses the possibility of extending the tech team, and I guess that’s where I can help.


@splix this is amazing, I’m so glad you found your way to Percent! While I can’t speak for everyone I think our community would literally love to have someone of your caliber on board. We are just in the middle of getting our house in order with a multi-sig…

you can see the vote for it here:

…but right on our to do list after that is finding additional dev talent, so you have great timing haha. In an ideal world from your perspective what would you want to work on? Since I’m not a developer, I will ask the @moderators and @PercentFinance to jump in here to say hello as well.

Cheers man!


We are working out the project roadmap (see other threads here) and would always appreciate opinions on what the project priorities should be.

On the technical front, some of the near-term work we would like to accomplish includes:

  • Improved front-end for users (the current one is missing a Markets page like Compound has, for example, or a Liquidations page like Aave has).

  • Feasibility study of integrating the Uniswap TWAP oracle to supplement existing Chainlink integration, possibly with proof-of-concept Solidity implementation

  • Security review of 5-10 tokens in the queue for being added to the protocol: these need to be inspected for technical risks like re-entrancy vectors (see imBTC) or balance changes (see BASED)

  • Integration with one of the blockchain analytics systems like TheGraph, to enable API queries of protocol state. For example, there currently is no direct way for a liquidator to query for a list of at-risk accounts (one would have to loop through all users and use eth_call on the CompoundLens view contract).

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Thank you!

Would be happy to help. Actually, the first question I have is the ways of technical collaboration. I see that the code is published under a personal account on Github, not an organization. Also, the frontend, to my understanding, is a closed source, right? Is it how it’s supposed to be, or is there a plan to open it for collaborators?

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Both of these questions will have to be answered by @PercentFinance or someone else on the @moderators list because I am not sure! Someone should get back to you soon though @splix. So grateful for your willingness to get involved.

Hi @splix! Welcome! The code is under a personal account because there is currently only one developer (me), we may switch to an organization when there are more collaborators. The frontend is currently closed source, just to prevent clones, however, I’ll be happy to make it open source when we have more devs :slight_smile:

Welcome to our community @splix.

You seem to have found your way to this project just in time.
There is plenty to do, so @percentfinance can bring you up to speed as far as development is concerned.

We are just about to setup the multi-sig and we will move from there.

Hello @splix, have you been able to have a look at our discussions here and on Discord?
We would love to hear what you think.

@Bluecrypt hanks for the idea, I think I’ll join the Discord.

@PercentFinance that would be great to open the code. I mean, I’d understand if you decide to keep it closed, that’s up to you since you’re the author. It’s also possible that the community starts an open source version of the UI, maybe deployed right onto Github Pages, as an open alternative

@PercentFinance seems like a good idea to move on with an open version of the UI, isn’t it?

@splix i also support this!

this follows our ethos of community-owned project and if we have more devs helping @PercentFinance to make it better, that it makes most sense.