Getting initial help for development

Let’s discuss here what roles we think are needed ASAP to help take out our single point of reliance on our current dev/help him scale the project.

Here’s my list:

  1. UI/UX designer+coder, as expressed by @PercentFinance earlier in Discord
  2. Blockchain engineer to help @PercentFinance with potential new SC delpoyment as we expand the functionality of the protocol and to avoid issues like what we had earlier with another pair of eyes on the code
  3. Mobile app/integration team of 1-2 devs (front and backend) as per the proposed roadmap

So, its a team of 3-4 more devs, but i’m not a technical enough to authoritatively confirm this.

I’d agree with you, 3 resources, plus our dev, should be doing it for the short term, say next 6 months.

The more we can expand, the more resources we would need, to more eliminate the single-point-of-failure.

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I’m all for this if we can figure out how to pay for it. Let me know what people’s thoughts are on exactly how we go about doing this, then I can maybe add something more constructive to the conversation haha.